About Me

I love words. I love their lineage, their meaning and their etymology. And I love how they come together to form the narratives that shape our lives and build our worlds. 

My passion is finding and telling the human stories behind brands and using these narratives to bond companies and their clients. 

I understand the impact of storytelling in visual and written content and use my talents and experience to help healers heal.

I believe healing starts with ourselves, but that's just the start. Healing extends to our shared communities and environment: our air, our lands and our ocean. On this note, I financially support the work of AIEF, Ancient Song, Color of Change, Doctors Without Borders, Together Rising, and have funded the planting of over 3,400 trees through Tree Sisters.

I am also an active member of the Women's Center for Creative Work


Education & Experience

  • Nearly two decades in business and fundraising

  • Expertise in sales, marketing (social, web, print), strategy, and operations

  • Work with companies and organizations including JEN HANSEN Jewelry, TASCHEN, and EMILY's List

  • B.A. in English Language & Literature from the University of Maryland

  • Certificate: Women's Studies

  • Citation: College Park Scholars Program, American Cultures

  • Teaching assistant for the American Cultures program

  • Screenwriting coursework under Kim Krizan at UCLA Extension 

  • Developing creative projects, including screenplays and children’s picture books