Colleen Medlock

Colleen Medlock is a Brand Advisor based in Los Angeles.



Healing is the call of the 21st century and the pathway to health. I am here to help practitioners and brands in healing, health, wellness, inclusive of media and the arts, reach their true potential. As an Aries ram, I love finding new clients and getting it right for them.

Acupuncture, fitness, massage, meditation, nutrition, therapy, yoga, writing. Coaches, consultants, journalists, photographers, teachers, therapists, trainers and more. Whether you need a marketing plan to reach new clients or a beautiful new website, my goal is always to understand your needs and exceed your expectations.



For the past fifteen years, I have used my writing skills to help brands grow. With my sales, marketing, and digital experience and a background in English literature, I have what it takes to meet the needs of your business.  

I will work with you to discern your true, real time needs, and develop and execute an effective strategy for brand visuals and messaging, sales, marketing, social, web - and more. 



Colleen guided me through an effortless website redesign process that fundamentally improved the way I explain and express what I do for a living. She was exceedingly competent and professional throughout. I always felt heard, and I’m so pleased with the final result.
— Amanda Chicago Lewis, Client
Colleen is an outstanding resource and guide in website design and implementation. She has remarkable abilities and I appreciate her detailed attention to not only the client but also the population the client would like to reach. She is professional, direct, intelligent and has a great aesthetic. The results exceeded my expectations. I feel truly happy and well represented with my web presence.
— Joslyn Hitter, Client --